Dress Code

Dressing the part

Questions answered about formal attire and fancy dress

There is no formal dress code as such at Exeter Racecourse, although we encourage “smart casual” wear and advise racegoers to dress for the weather!

Fancy dress is permitted at Exeter Racecourse on all days. However, fancy dress will not be permitted if it is liable to cause offence to any other racegoers on religious, sexual or political grounds.  Exeter Racecourse reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone deemed to be dressed inappropriately. If your party is considering wearing fancy dress, and in order to avoid any disappointment on the day, we recommend that you call the racecourse on (01392) 832599.  Please be aware that the above also relates to T-shirts carrying slogans that cause offence again on either religious, sexual or political grounds to other racegoers.  In the event of one or all of your party being refused admission no refund will be offered.

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