The Going

Course conditions

Check the going to see which horses will be favoured by the ground conditions on the day.

Your guide to 'The Going'

'The going' is a description of the ground conditions underfoot on the racecourse. The Jockey Club reports the going as: Heavy – Soft – Good to Soft – Good – Good to Firm – Firm – Hard.

Each of these terms may be combined to provide a more accurate description: Soft (Good to Soft in places), Soft (Heavy in places) etc.

If a 'going map' is available, it will show any variance in the conditions around the course.

The going report may also provide additional information such as 'watering' on especially dry days. This is when the Clerk of the Course gives the order to water the course to make the going softer.


The GoingStick

All UK turf racecourses publish a TurfTrax GoingStick reading alongside their official description of the going.

This procedure scientifically measures 'penetration' and 'shear', the two forces which the horses' hooves exert when they hit the ground.

The GoingStick measurement scale ranges from 1 to 15 – a lower reading means the ground is softer or slower, a higher reading means it's firmer or faster.

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